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Blog Posts by: Jesús Renedo

This morning, we departed from Zumaia to dive off the coast between the ports of Mutriku and Ondarroa. We left at 9 a.m., a bit later than usual, because we had to change crews.

Juan Sigler (support diver) and Sergio Gosálvez (underwater photographer) have left, and Jorge Candán and Pilar Barros are once again aboard the Ranger.

Today was a very special day. We didn’t go sailing, but instead, we’ve spent the morning in port, in Getxo, doing some cleaning and maintenance work. In the afternoon, we went up the Bilbao estuary to the maritime museum, escorted by Unai Basurko and his regatta team.

On the night of 7th–8th June we went to the north of Salina Island. The preceding few days we had seen several fishing boats with driftnets in Lipari and we suspected that they would be casting them in this area.

That’s exactly how it was. Before sunset, we had been able to verify that many of them were fishing in the area. We observed and documented them casting their nets and later sent the information to the Oceana office in Madrid, who set about alerting the Italian authorities.