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Blog Posts by: Frank de Graaf

This week we’ve had a quiet sea and excellent weather. Through the ROV we saw miles of sea beds; sandy ones with stream ripples, or clay ones with a bubbly texture, or with pits and tiny hills with a crater on the top, like small volcanoes: worm holes?  In general just a few living creatures seen, most are hidden. We saw some funny flat fish, clumsy hermit crabs and a langoustine peeping from his grotto.

Yesterday I arrived in Denmark with my colleague Floris Bennema by train from The Netherlands - a long and arduous train journey with several transfers. Finally, we boarded the last scheduled train to the remote fishing town of Thyboron, half-way up the sparsely populated peninsula of Jutland, (Jylland), Denmark. It was as if it was waiting just for us, with very few other passengers aboard as it departed in the late sun.