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Blog Posts by: Cory Wilson

After a week documenting corals and ocean habitat in Portofino, Italy, the Ranger departed for Corsica. A majority of the crew, including myself, was taking a break ashore to get some authentic Italian pizza in Santa Margherita. As we sat down to order, with menus in hand, we received a phone call from Carlos. The weather was turning for the worst and we needed to get back to the boat, or the zodiac would not be able to pick us up at all.

I found myself aboard the Oceana Ranger after a flight from Brussels and a train from Milan to Santa Margherita, Italy. I´m here, not as a scientist or a campaigner, but as a photographer and documentarian complimenting our crew of underwater photographers and videographers, whilst remaining dry on the deck.

In Washington, DC, where I live and work, I typically capture a different side of Oceana. I spend my time filming our staff as they push Oceana´s international movement to protect the oceans through policy, direct action, and other media.