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Blog Posts by: Concha Martínez

Taking advantage of a few moments of sailing time, Patricia Lastra, one of Oceana's scientists aboard the Marviva Med, has agreed to a short interview in which she tells us about her work.

Patricia is a thirty year old Sevillian who has been working with Oceana's crew since may. Here, she is one of the organization's scientific experts and she participates in planning and conducting larval sampling in the main red tuna spawning grounds to evaluate the protection of these essential habitats.

We continued in the Aegean Sea. The weather is great. The wind has died down and the sea is quite calm. This allows us to continue with our campaign plan without major changes.

Yesterday, at dusk, Patricia Lastra, the marine scientist who is who is working on the red tuna habitat conservation campaign in the Mediterranean, took several samples with the icthyoplankton net at different stations to the West of the island of Samothracia (Greece).

As I had already told Keith, on July 30, the Marviva Med was arriving in the port of Athens and the little changes in the Oceana's crew that were planned for that port were made. In Athens, we said goodbye to Alberto Iglesias, one of the safety divers, as well as Keith Ellenbogen, the onboard underwater photographer since the campaign began on the Marviva Med in late May.

The divers have had their last dive in the area of Elba and have been extremely happy with the visibility and everything they have been able to document in this area.

As Pilar said in her diary of her birthday, Miguel Bosé has been accompanying us this week and tomorrow he takes the plane back to Madrid.