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Blog Posts by: Angela Pauly

Last week, we held an event at the European parliament to raise awareness around a concept that is near and dear to us. The event, which brought together scientists, politicians, policy experts  and civil society, was designed to start a discussion on how best to implement an ecosystem-based approach (don’t worry, read further down, we’ll get to explaining what this is) into the Common Fisheries Policy reform. 

Last Friday, Oceana Board member Dr. Daniel Pauly received the 2011 Grand Prix from the Société Française d’Ecologie. Dr. Pauly, a French citizen currently based in Vancouver Canada, is one of the world's leading experts on marine biodiversity and its protection. He is widely recognized the world's most prolific and widely cited living fisheries scientist.

We are thrilled to announce that actress Elsa Pataky, has become our latest ambassador.

The Spanish actress recently described why she wants to be involved in protected the world’s oceans: “I have no doubt that the most important legacy we can leave our children is a healthy planet with healthy oceans, full of life, so that they can also fully enjoy one of the most precious gifts we possess.”

We look forward to working with her towards our mutual goal of restoring the world’s oceans.
Welcome to the family Elsa!

Last Friday, the Spanish Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, José Manuel Soria, announced a temporary cessation of government aid to renewable energy projects. This troubling decision comes at a time Spanish government continues to support and fund dirty energy, as well as new permits for oil and gas exploration, which damage our already overfished oceans and further climate change.