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Blog Posts by: Angela Pauly

There is some hopeful news on the fate of the bluefin tuna – one of the iconic species of the Mediterranean, and one which has long been held as a frightening example of the effects of overfishing and illegal fishing.

Bluefin tuna, much favored by sushi lovers, was on the verge of collapse. In 2006, International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) established a recovery plan for the stating the likelihood of recovering stocks to levels which can produce Maximum Sustainable Yield by 2022 to be 60%.

It’s expedition time again; one of our favorite times of year!

Today, we launched the Oceana Ranger Expedition 2012 and this year’s focus will be on the deep sea areas of the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

We’ll be using our underwater robot (ROV) to take video footage and images of underwater mountains with peaks so deep that divers can’t get to them.

Seamounts are incredibly important to protect as they are home to a wide variety of species and habitats that occupy the many different heights and soil types along their banks.

In the past few weeks, shark attacks in Reunion and more recently in Australia have prompted calls on authorities to kill sharks to protect surfers and swimmers.

Since it’s such a touchy subject, we asked our shark expert, Allison Perry, her thoughts, which we wanted to share with you: 

Good news readers! Great news, actually: Yesterday, EU has finally voted in favour of strictly protecting ten threatened species of sharks and rays in the Mediterranean Sea, under the Barcelona Convention. These species, including hammerheads, tope, and shortfin mako, have declined dramatically in numbers – some by as much as 99% during the last century – while others have vanished from parts of the Mediterranean where they were once common. Oceana has been on this issue for the past year and a half and we couldn’t be any happier about this outcome.