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Blog Posts by: Alfredo J. Sagasti

The day began very early. Although I am exempt from watch, I accompanied the captain on the first two hours from midnight to 2:00 a.m.  Our anchorage in Cala Galera, protected from the northwest by the Artgentario Promontory, meant that it was wise to have a watch.  The wind was blowing at force seven from that direction only a few hours ago.

The dawn has come early to Saint Margarita’s bay. The first lights arrived at about five thirty in the morning and I got up at six fifteen to make the coffee and the breakfast for the crew: cereals, cheese, jam and bread together with fruit juice was what I had planned. Little by little the crew got down to their normal jobs and at eight o’clock the operations of the day had begun. The sun has crowned the mountains from the east, while the wind from the land has given way to a slight sea breeze making the Ranger swing around the anchor, changing its position.