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Blog Posts by: Alex van de Meeberg

We were welcomed by lots of jellyfish (Pelagia noctiluca). At around 12 meters there were lots of posidonia and some rocks. An espeton (Sphyraena sphyraena), a member of the barracuda family, was also hanging out, and nearby we saw a small grouper (Epinephelus marginatus). Upon reaching the coast we found two caves, with a maximum depth of 7 meters and sandy bottoms. At these depths you can stay down for a long time and we took advantage of that to explore every inch of the caves.

Today began with preparations for the crossing: last minute shopping, paying the bills, returning the keys to the toilets and showers - and taking the last normal shower for seven days:-)

The plan for the coming week is to work with the ROV at Seco de Palos, 30 miles east of Cabo de Palos. It would take 20 hours to get from Almerimar to our point of destination, so we left at 11h00 sharp in order to arrive at 07h00 tomorrow to start working at first light.

A day off. The day after the World Cup final. Nothing was a dream. Spain is World Champion! Holland lost yet another final :-(

Yesterday we celebrated together, just as we promised - no matter who won. A day off. It sounds great. It was great. But it didn´t mean no work had to be done.

Tomorrow we sail back to the Mediterranean, which means that today was a day of preparation.