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Blog Posts by: Alex Blanco

After enjoying our day off on Salina Island, today we welcomed aboard Patrick and Ben, from the BBC.

Throughout the day they were able to see how we work on board, and equally, we got to see how they work as well.

In short, like always, another great day aboard the Ranger.


...Who would have thought: it’s my turn again to write the daily journal, which means that it’s been a long time since the last time and that only means one thing: this fantastic adventure in the North Sea, full of good times, great experiences and so many miles travelled, is coming to an end. In short, it’s been great. A bit sad now but excited at the same to time to go home to those we left behind and explain how lucky we were to have lived aboard the “Neptune” these past two months.  

I'll say goodbye to you now and see you next time. Thank you, Oceana.


Another great day, made even better by sunny weather that reminded us that it’s actually summertime. It was honestly a gift that we all thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed. But the horizon looked a bit different today and we weren’t able to get the full impact of its immense beauty because a huge oil platform was never out of our sight, an unfortunate reminder of all the damage they do to the seabed.  A shame.


…1030, 1040….and a record!! 1050 metres depth, maximum immersion with ROV in Oceana, just before returning and enjoying the city of Beirut... we will be back on Thursday! 

We will forget a bit about work and think about resting and relaxing for a short period. But today is also a day of change, since we are saying goodbye to two campaign colleagues, thank you! And really looking forward to welcoming new colleagues, new people who will arrive with enthusiasm, excitement and energy to spend these last wonderful days.


... And so we arrived back in port! After the first 6 days of work we returned to Beirut having successfully carried out our tasks. Great!

Once in Beirut, with our minds on the idea that we can now leave the boat and relax, we started with our work of checking and improving all the equipment, stowing the A-frame, gathering up the ropes, checking the winch etc. Basically, tidying up and putting away the equipment used during these first few days of the campaign.

After ten days on board the Ranger, I can only say that it’s been a wonderful experience to share my hours of work and rest with the entire crew. The work, the Ranger, the people, all of it ... Fantastic!!!