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Blog Posts by: Adolfo de los Ríos

We continue with our campaign on these islands. Since we return to the port of Salina at the end of practically every day we know this town as if we have lived here for a long time, we know its people, the shops, the restaurants, the beaches, and the people know who we are. The countdown to the end of the campaign has already begun and the pace of work remains the same. Hopefully, this last week will be a productive one for the entire Oceana team. Greetings from the Aeolian Islands!

This is my second expedition with Oceana, this time in a totally different boat to the Neptune last year, but there’s still the same good atmosphere with the work and crew members as last year.

There are some tough days, but we make the most out of the fun moments we have. We’re continuing our adventure around the Aeolian Islands and I hope we can share more of these stories with you as the expedition rolls on.


Well, today, it’s 29th July and we’re still on Neptune. The days go by and now the good atmosphere on board has turned into friendships.

We now know each other a lot, we all have a laugh together and we help each other out. But the most important thing is we work perfectly as a team.

Some days it can be hard being here but then there’s always someone who will make you laugh and that makes your day.

My name is Adolfo De Los Ríos Cerón, I’m 23 years old and I captain of one of the campaign’s inflatable boats. I finished the advanced course in underwater and hyperbaric operations two months ago and I was offered this opportunity just as soon as I was done. Honestly, I feel extremely lucky that my first job is like this one. In terms of my shipmates, there’s an extraordinary atmosphere on board: everyone is warm, pleasant and very hardworking. In short, so far this campaign is looking like a fantastic and very, very productive job. LET'S KEEP ON GOING, OCEANA TEAM!