04 July 2011 | Oceana Europe
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After various days “ROVing” off Cape St. Vincent and sleeping anchored in the Sagres inlet, we decide to change our plans: since we weren’t going to be able to go to Gorringe for a while, we would set sail toward the Mediterranean again. We need to get some work done in the Alboran Sea and, meanwhile, we’d be checking up on the weather. If we see the smallest chance of improvement, we’d return to the Atlantic to work on Gorringe faster than the speed of light. Anyway, the seamount is only three days away… We can’t miss the opportunity!

The people on board now make up the definitive crew. Our Portuguese friends disembarked and now the divers, who were abandoned on land, left to their own devices, are now back on board and we’re crowded as usual during these campaigns. Cameras, video cameras, tripods, lenses, camera bodies and ROV stuff... The material is everywhere, but well-organized of course. Each person has a work area and respects it. It has to be this way because, if not, chaos would reign.

This morning we left Portimao and set sail, taking advantage of the good breeze that pushes us toward the Straits of Gibraltar. These past few days, we’ve had northerly winds coming in from the coast of Sagres, so it’s a nice change to have calm seas, the shadows from the sails and the gentle noise from the engine idling, helping just enough to reach the precise speed to reach the next ROV dive spot on schedule: Cabliers Bank, 36 miles north of the Chafarinas Islands. And that should be on the morning of the 6th.

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