EU and UK set fishing quotas that leave much-loved species floundering

Negotiations on yearly fishing catch limits between the EU and UK have again ended with a significant number of fish populations put at risk of overfishing and collapse, including key species such as cod. This constant pressure on stocks threatens whole marine ecosystems as well as the fishing industry itself, and with the current environmental … Read more

EU ministers set quotas for Baltic herring that defy fisheries laws

By: BalticWaters, Coalition Clean Baltic, ClientEarth, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, Deutsche Umwelthilfe,The Fisheries Secretariat, Oceana, Seas At Risk, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation,and WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme. Today EU fisheries ministers have taken decisions concerning declining Baltic Sea herring stocks that will actively contribute to the further deterioration of the ecosystem and its … Read more

New report: keep the small fish plentiful to ensure ocean health

Only one in six forage fish populations in the Northeast Atlantic is both sustainably exploited and in a healthy state, according to a report published by Oceana today. The marine conservation organisation is urging Northeast Atlantic countries to improve their management of these small fish, in advance of negotiations on fishing limits later this year. … Read more

Small but mighty: managing Northeast Atlantic forage fish to sustain marine life

Forage fish are small to medium-sized species that are often found in large aggregations, feeding on plankton and other small aquatic organisms. They play a crucial role in the ocean as a vital link in the food web, supporting marine wildlife, including marine mammals, seabirds, and fish species. However, the management of fisheries targeting these … Read more