The cascade effect and trawling

We have all heard the term “cascade effect” used to refer to how a government decision, a war, a political event, or other situation impacts society, the economy, prices, and so on. This expression is also used in ecology to explain how human action, a catastrophic event, or a particular incident, for instance, can have … Read more

New report: EU must accelerate transition to a low-carbon, resilient fishing sector

Solutions identified for reducing fleet emissions would help achieve climate targets Brussels – As the European Commission prepares to publish a strategy to accelerate the energy transition in the EU fisheries sector, a new report published today by Oceana looks into solutions to reduce fuel use to support this transition. The report finds that there … Read more

A pathway to decarbonise the EU fisheries sector by 2050

This report investigates technical and strategic solutions to reduce fuel use in the EU fleet sector and aims to support the energy transition of the EU fleet. There are existing solutions to reduce fuel use in fisheries, from technical solutions to more extensive changes such as phasing out the more energy hungry fishing techniques and … Read more