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July 13, 2016

Wreck-it Rov

BY: Brais Lorenzo



Today we had the opportunity to look into a different setting than we were previously used to – wreckages! Sunken iron colossi that, without it being their original purpose, ended up as a home to some creatures in the North sea.

Scheduling our needs to the currents, we sent our robotic companion to find the wreck first thing in the morning and thanks to the Sonar we didn’t have any problem finding it. There, we could see all kinds of life flourishing in its shadow. Wildlife that found some cover on the metallic walls that couldn’t latch on to any natural formation nearby – there isn’t any, trust me, I checked.

In the afternoon, we got to the second wreckage -a huge capsized wreck that was split broken in the middle-, which made it easier for to get a glimpse of the interior of the hull.

We also had a lot of wildlife to document, plenty of fish swimming around posing for the cameras and no problems with the current – a good day to work.