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June 8, 2018

World Oceans Day aboard the Ranger

BY: Ricardo Aguilar


Dardanus calidus


Today we wanted to celebrate World Oceans Day from 1000 meters below the surface working with the Remote-Operated Vehicle (ROV). But the sea had different plans for us: She asked us to rest for a while.

The wind and the swell increased and we could not do much.

Although this weather makes life onboard uncomfortable, it is one of the thing that I love from being at sea. You cannot have everything under control. These are not our domains. The sea is still wild, and wind and water are the lords and owners. In these islands, it also possible to observe another of Nature’s strengths–the fire of the volcanoes. A fantastic combination!

We have been very lucky during almost 10 days of very good weather, filming black corals, deep-sea starfish, glass sponges… and there is more to come. Now, we are also scuba diving and in few hours, we expect the wind to go down.