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August 12, 2010

……. When a friend leaves

BY: Carlos Pérez



Today, a day off, I was emotionally hit hard. Today an old friend said goodbye to me. It’s been hard. We’ve spent many memorable times and other not so memorable times together. My friend, who I’ve placed all my trust in, has been the guardian of my things, my sweethearts, my tools, my riches, my sort of secret notes… He has acted like a faithful squire or he has tried to protect me from the filth that sometimes surrounds the lives of human beings; not always successfully. Always generous, always self-sacrificing. I never heard the least complaint from him. Always by my side. Never partying off on his own.


I must confess that we have very often slept together, and on occasion it has been hard to let go of each other… When I said my goodbye to him in silence, I painfully contemplated his pale face and his gashes revealing an imminent death.


Today I threw out the pair of pants that have been with me for the last three campaigns… Sniiifffff!