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June 19, 2013

Wednesday 19 June 2013

BY: Claus Koch


© OCEANA / Carlos Minguell


We are back in Marstrand.  The Weather Forecast predicts a rainy afternoon. Yesterday we were very lucky with the ROV immersions, so today the divers will work on those points where the ROV found corals and fish.

First diving is ready, so the rest of the crew takes advantage and reply to e-mails, fill the tanks up for the next dive session and go to do some shopping to get some supplies for lunch so it´s ready when the divers finish. Perfect timing! We arrive at the same time they are back! It was a 77 minutes and 24m deep immersion. There were brown crabs, lobsters and dead men´s fingers around . 

We met Mr. Munther who kindly lent us a spot to leave the boat and the trailer last night; he also gave us fresh coffee. That was wonderful!!

Second dive, this time it takes 50 minutes and it is 21m deep; anemones and walls covered by ascidians”

Do not forget to look at the pictures and watch the video today!

Light is decreasing, the clouds that during the day seemed like waves painting the sky start turning dark, and then, little rain drops start falling down… During our way back it was truly raining cats and dogs over our windscreen! Once we got to our destination, the rain stopped.