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July 29, 2010

We are suspending dives until Monday.

BY: Silvia García


© OCEANA / Carlos Minguell


The several hours that pilot Pitu and copilot Fleta spent changing ROV parts were definitely in vain. Today, it broke down again right when we reached a seabed that promised wonders (we almost fell on top of a deepwater shark, possibly Centrophorus sp.), and we were only able to find the solution by returning to land and awaiting the arrival of the specialized technician who came from England to Palma.

Until Monday. That is what we have been told that we have to wait for. Since today is Thursday, and with the weekend in the middle, it is impossible to fix it earlier. So now we have to plan as many scuba dives as possible in order to make the most of these days. Carlos (Logistics Director) and Ricardo (Science Director) have set out to organize everything. At the end of the day, we had the coordinates for the most recommendable dives, the launch available and very happy divers. Tomorrow it’s their turn to have fun.