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June 28, 2016

To the water…?

BY: Allison Perry



This morning began with a sense of anticipation, with everyone on board eager to see the broken motor of the Ranger fixed, and get back out to work at sea. Yesterday the captain managed to secure the replacement part we needed (after an adventure to a tiny village on the island of Malta) – but we needed to see whether it would fit, and, once in place, would have the Ranger up and running again.

So today was another “floating office” day, dealing with all of our regular work inside the Rangers, sat at our computers, while the repairs were made outside. The work went quickly, and before long, we heard the sound of the revived motor, and with it, the promise that we can soon resume our surveys in Malta’s waters…. but not today. The winds are too strong, and so we will remain in harbour. Still, we’re unable to resist the call of the sea and its creatures, and many of us take advantage of a chance to cool down with an afternoon swim or snorkel. Tomorrow we will take the ROV back to the depths, but for me today, some time in the shallows with the wrasses is a perfect end to my “office” day.