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September 10, 2018

Watch out for that rock!



Today we spent the night at port in Björköby, it’s an unusual place surrounded by dense forests and, unfortunately, the mosquitos here show no pity…

We woke up early in order get to our work area for the day, some 5 miles northeast of Björköby, near the Ritgrund lighthouse. Once there, we took the rare pleasure of being the only souls on an uninhabited island. Interestingly, it was also on that island where we spotted that someone had left etchings on a rock indicating what the water level was for a given year, and we saw for ourselves that the land here truly “rises a centimeter per year.”

Today, the divers performed two dives. In this part of the Baltic there are plants, seaweed and invertebrates, but we all miss seeing fish, although, occasionally, there are few small ones about.

Aimi and I worked in two separate areas using the drop camera and we both have similar results. Thanks to smaller inflatable boat, we were able to get to less accessible areas and very shallow water to document more interesting ecosystems. It’s fun work, but it must be taken seriously: if we hit a rock, we’re in trouble….

We returned to port in the evening and a few of us went out for a walk to look for moose, but unfortunately, we came back without seeing any and with even more mosquito bites.

Now it’s time to eat supper and rest. We use a lot of energy throughout the day and it’s important that we get plenty of sleep and “recharge our batteries” overnight. 





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