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July 26, 2016

A visual explanation

BY: Brais Lorenzo



Here, you watch a guy throw a Grab at the water, and bring up Mud.

Down you can see how 4 Teletubbies wash up that mud, pick up the itty-bitty pieces that stay through the mesh and put them carefully in Little labeled plastic containers.

Middle-level, you notice a Smart guy (must be a scientist) looking at those itty-bitty pieces through a microscope.

Right (or Starboard) Three dry-suits inhabited by men get their cameras ready to take some cool-ass videos and photos

Up, a lonely Jack Get things down and up again.

Left (or Port) Post-processing gets made, and policy advisors clash against politicians via an unplugged satelite.

Somewhere, Two guys play with joysticks and screens while worm-girl inspects worms.