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August 2, 2017

Let’s see how rough it is out here



I’ve started my adventures out here in the North Sea, which was unknown territory for me until today.

Jorge (our GIS analyst) and I travelled on Monday to Eemshaven port to join the expedition for the Danish leg. For two weeks we’ll be carrying out research in several areas of interest in Dutch waters, looking for essential habitats for fish species as well as for the marine ecosystem in general.

We’re going to be in Borkum Stones on the east coast to Frisian Front in central Holland, then in Oyster Ground in the north, then Cleaver Bank in the west and then in Brown Bank in the southwest of Holland – all in all, a 500-nautical mile route in the North Sea.

We’re going to have some bad weather and we might have to go to port earlier than planned or weather the storm with a bit of patience. Let’s see how rough the North Sea is, and we hope that it knows we are doing all of this for its own good!