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September 18, 2018

Until next time, Baltic Sea

BY: Rubén González



Due to the inclement weather, we’ll have to stay in port for the next few days and today will be our last day at sea.

Luckily, after anchoring overnight, we were able to sail towards our work site for the day and were able to complete a dive, a grab, CTD and use the drop camera.

Afterwards, the whole crew took stock of the equipment and started packing. Tomorrow a truck will pick up everything and take it back to our warehouse in Spain.

This is my last entry for the expedition and it’s also my favorite, because today I was able to alternate between my “desk-job” as the logistics officer as well as work on the field as the boat pilot, alongside Aimi, on the inflatable we used for the drop camera. It was all a once-in-a-lifetime experience that’ll left me with fond memories of beautiful remote places where I don’t think I’ll ever have the pleasure of visiting again.

I think it was an interesting and successful expedition. We were able to work almost every day since day one and both the team’s work, and the rapport on board, was excellent.

I’m bringing back home another fond memory of the Baltic; when will we return?