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July 1, 2017

On a day just like today

BY: Oceana Web



Today is more than just the first day of July; I began working at Oceana four years ago, on a day just like today. It’s also the first International Polychaete Day, but we’ll leave that for another entry…

Over my years with Oceana I’ve been immensely fortunate to spend a lot of time on board, working on several scientific expeditions that cover the Atlantic, Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea, and now the North Sea, which is where we are now. It’s impossible to calculate how many hours of video I’ve watched, how many samples I’ve processed, and particularly how many times I’ve kept an eye on the weather, but I can say that every time I start a new campaign I feel the same mix of nervousness, curiosity and excitement that I felt my very first time.

This journal is for those people who join me on this path of learning and turn it into an outstanding experience.