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October 21, 2016

A day on board



To give you an idea about our work on board, I will briefly share with you what a typical day is like. The alarm clock rings at 6.45 am, the first rays of sun have already appeared. By 7.30 am both the members of Oceana and the kind and varied crew finish our breakfast. It is then time to get down to our well-defined task. In my case, I divide my time, trying to capture good shots using the photographic and video cameras. The second part consists of downloading, classifying and indexing all the documentation in English, as well as selecting and sending part of this visual material to the Oceana offices in Spain, for immediate publication.

The tasks on board are very diverse. Scientists, ROV pilots, sailors and Sea Patron crew work together to comply on a daily basis with the established work. Mainly, based on the documentation and study of the seabed. Two more breaks, for lunch at 12 noon and dinner at 6pm, break up the day. On each expedition like this, dozens of people divide up the work over several months, to elaborate a detailed study of the characteristics of these waters, registers of marine life, main habitats, environmental problems, etc. The main objective, protecting it, which is the reason why each one of us gets up every day, proud and convinced that our work is very valuable.




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