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July 2, 2013

Tuesday 2 July 2013

BY: Jesús Molino



After a few days of work in Norrskär, we set off to Poland. It will take about 1500km and a ferry to get to the area. Our colleagues here have been studying for days the areas and ports so we can carry out the ROV operations, the diving and fishing ports documentation. Unlike previous years, this time we will work one more week until the time to go home comes.

After one last short session of recognizing the local forests, I head to the hotel where we have spent the last two days. It’s 8:00 and almost everybody is ready to face the 500km that separate us from Espoo, which is a town quite close to Helsinki where we are catching the ferry to Tallinn tomorrow at noon.

We can summarize this day in a lovely road trip surrounded by forests and dotted with lakes, simply amazing. Claus and I stared out the windows looking for some moose, like we did two days ago close to the road. Unfortunately this time we were not so lucky.

Finally we get to the hotel booked by Hanna, had a quick dinner and rest until tomorrow that will be another travel day.

PS: I´m writing this at the reception desk while checking out. A long day is coming… cheers.