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August 15, 2016

Thyboron. Denmark

BY: Javier Camarena



Today started off just like the last few days; grey, cold and windy. Nothing new there considering it is the North Sea, even though we’re in the middle of August! On days like this, our work becomes a bit monotonous: carry out checks on the ROV, following up the maintenance plan and checking that everything works fine. Today, we made the most of it being a Monday to go and buy some supplies from a hardware store.

Thyboron, where we are right now, is very much a picturesque Danish fishing village. The fishing port is bigger than the village itself, where the fish protein factories pepper its modest “skyline”. The locals decorate the town in maritime style; anchors are placed on street corners and statues of seals are here and there.

Weather permitting, we hope we can go back to sea tomorrow and back using the ROV on Tuesday- let’s see what the sea beds in this area have to show us!