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May 22, 2006

Thanks to Diving colleagues met along the way

BY: Oceana Web



Again, with some blue notes for the diary: so far, the support we received from the local divers has been wonderful. The dive community always has a very conscious awareness of the underwater world and are willing to contribute positively to our cause.

Stefano Schiaparelli, a marine biologist who contributes with the University of Genova, Italy, was our guide in Portofino. His great knowledge of the local dive sites and his passion for marine biology and conservation made possible the exploration of the best dive sites. We appreciated his patience, his kindness and expertise in the search of the best places and fauna to photograph. It was really valuable to rely on his local experience and scientific knowledge.

In Portofino, the helpful team of technical divers of Portofino Divers made possible the exploration of the different sites.

In Corsica, the diving was led by Xabi Reinares, an active dive instructor in Bastia. Apart from his full time duties as a diver in the French Customs services, he participates in the local diving community with Neptune plongee and Bastia Sub.