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July 22, 2015

Thanks and looking forward to 2016!!

BY: Enrique Talledo




As the beautiful song of Karina (Spanish singer) says, “sometimes it´s good to look back” and this time, I am overcome by the desire of looking back and go through the many bottoms we have documented, the more than one hundred dives, about 4,000 nautical miles sailed and the one-of-a-kind moments when we found the weirdest creatures that seemed to come from Jules Verne´s most adventurous novel. Gone are the days of intense work, uncomfortable sailings and unbearable high temperatures, but we are pleased to have contributed through our work to a better understanding of our oceans and their need of protection.
I´d like to take advantage of this opportunity to congratulate the more than 30 people who have been working on the Oceana Ranger and to those who have not been aboard, but have helped to make possible this oceanic dream.

Now, looking to the horizon, we know our work is not finished yet, our cameras will keep capturing the beauty of this underwater world and through images we will announce how vulnerable our seas are.