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September 18, 2023

Surveying bottom trawling off the coast of Murcia

BY: Ricardo Aguilar



This morning we continue our research on the activity of bottom trawlers. Our plan is to survey the south and east of Cartagena, where we can find a marine protected area (Valles sumergidos del escarpe de Mazarrón) and another site that is proposed for protection, off Cape Palos.

Theresa Zabell and her son came on board early in the morning. Theresa is the president of Ecomar Foundation, and a sailor who has won two Olympic gold medals.

We filmed some trawlers, and we also saw some boats from the Ricardo Fuentes Group, a company that has aquaculture cages for fattening bluefin tuna.

This coastal area has almost no buildings or towns. It is a mountainous area with difficult access, except for places like the  town of Portmán, sadly notorious for its history of pollution and the coastal and inland destruction caused by open-cast mining.

The sea was a bit rough and the ROV was not very cooperative. Therefore, we decided to continue surveying the area, until the engine decided to start giving problems. We went back to port and looked for a mechanic to solve the problem.

© OCEANA / Enrique Talledo. Theresa Zabell and his son Eugenio helping with the drop camera on board the Ranger. Cartagena, Murcia, Spain. 2023.