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July 17, 2016

Surprises from a dream in the Ocean

BY: Enrique Talledo



A blue-coloured vastness, protagonist of impossible dreams – that’s the ocean. A massive body of salt water with an infinite range of properties: as cold as -2°C at the poles, or as hot as 35°C in tropical waters; profoundly powerful with waves higher than 25 m, or as calm as a small pond. It’s hard to believe that during the last ice age, 14,000 years ago, the sea level was about 120 metres below where it is today.

This fascinating fact links to today’s experience. The conditions were ideal and we dived under a steep cliff, discovering an underwater cavern that was very different from all the others. After crossing the entrance to the cave, we continued down beautiful passageways, which displayed a small part of the geological history of the Mediterranean coast; a secret place with large stalactites, symbolic of the fact that it was probably above sea level for centuries.

But this was not the last surprise, because when we had to leave this hidden place we were witnesses to a special moment, an activity that after 24 years of diving I had not seen before: the spawning and mating ritual of the colourful bearded fireworms (Hermodice carunculata). A dream day that came true in our lives, as a gift from this, our beloved ocean…