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July 23, 2017

Sunshine and mud

BY: Jasper Maaholm



Today we woke up to a beautiful day in the northernmost corner of Danish waters. This is my first expedition with Oceana and I am excited to uncover what lies beneath the surface.

Working as a marine biologist on board the Neptune is hard but rewarding work. You would expect that getting covered in mud while gathering data would get you down but for me, it is refreshing and exciting compared to working in the office (The Neptune also has an unlimited supply of fresh coffee, which helps to raise our spirits).

The ROV reveals scenery that is both beautiful and alien. Today the sea bottom has been dominated by brittle stars and whelks, but also sea anemones and fishes. Each dive reveals new wonders in a landscape that is more akin to the moon than it is to our familiar terrestrial world. Working to help save the oceans has been a dream of mine and now it’s real!