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June 16, 2013

Sunday 16 June 2013 – Rough sea in the Great Belt

BY: Christina Abel


© OCEANA / Carlos Minguell


Today we set off for the third day, we were in Little Belt and headed towards Sjælland to do some underwater studies in the Great Belt. On the way, our small caravan stopped in a couple of smaller fishing harbours, where photographer Carlos Minguell and videographer Gorka Leclercq documented fishing vessels.

Originally the plan for visiting the Great Belt was to do ROV surveys in the deeper part of the belt, but today the weather has been too bad to carry out ROV operations. The ROV computer equipment cannot cope with water, so rain prevented us of doing any ROVs. The wind blew hard during the day, and showers came regularly, so we kept the ROV in the van. Instead we tried to do a scuba dive at a reef near the village Reersø. However, the weather also influenced the divers’ possibility to document anything, as the waves were getting higher and higher during the dive.

It has been a bad day to carry out any kind of field work, due to the changeable weather. Now we have arrived to the next camp-site, which is placed next to the rough sea. Tomorrow morning we will be on the road again; this time we will be heading towards Gothenburg, where we will conduct underwater recordings in Marstrandsskärgården, one of the areas which we have proposed for protection.