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June 15, 2018





We’re nearing the end of the expedition. The Aeolian Islands are a spectacular place to work, vacations here must be genuinely amazing. The people are peculiarly charming and you breathe an age-old peace and a sense of tranquility that we’re missing so much in our daily life. The Mediterranean is treating us extremely well and working conditions have been optimal.

Stromboli makes an impact. Almost 1000 m (over 3,000 feet) of a perfectly formed volcanic cone emerging from the sea with smoke coming out of its crater every 20 minutes. It captures your attention: you can stand there for what seems like an eternity without being able to look away, trapped by its beauty and gazing at its enormity, but at the same time you think about how you’re so close to something so powerful and realize that the human resolve to live in such places is anything but logical.

We’ll see you on the next expedition. A thank you to those who make this possible, to all those who follow us, and to those who are waiting for us on our return home


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