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June 29, 2008

Still in the Avilés Canyon

BY: Silvia García


©OCEANA/ Enrique Talledo


The objective today is to film in the Fría Cove where hake is fished (Merluccius merluccius) near the Avilés Canyon, and the fishermen’s association of Cudillero has requested we document the area.

We find clouds of silvery pouts (Galiculus argenteus), a small fish that constitutes the main diet for hake in this area. There is quite a large amount, so the hake have enough food, but we were not lucky enough to find them this time. Later, we head towards Peñas Cape once again in order to submerge the robot at 80-90 meters depth and document the NW area.

We can’t film the sponge forests we find as much as we’d like because, yet again, there is an abandoned net covering the most interesting area and we are forced to cancel the dive.