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July 24, 2016

Special guest



Where the sky ends, the ocean begins. This is where we are. We arrived at the Devil’s Hole yesterday in calm weather, but we woke up this morning with the sky wrapped in low grey clouds. There is nothing to break the horizon – no ships, no platforms, no land. It seems like we are as far from everything as you can get – an island floating freely in the great cold nothing. Such isolation might seem daunting but when you’re undertaking your life passion surrounded by friendly and enthusiastic colleagues, it’s not a concern. Oh, and a warm bed, fresh water and food served 5 times a day helps.

Today we have been surrounded by the true tramps of the seas; birds. Hundreds of fulmars with their adorable eyes begging for you to throw a piece of your morning pastry to them, and gannets; gliding proud by the boat, starring at you with their blue eyes that makes your soul freeze, even a juvenile kittiwake swooped by to say hello. But this was not as remarkable as another more daring guest, who was so eager for shelter and food that it invited itself to give the Captain some company on the bridge. This morning a pigeon, wet and cold flew right in through the door of the bridge, and ever since has only once interrupted his visit by a short flight outside which it quickly regretted before returning back to the warm ship.

Maybe we will keep him as pet for the rest of the trip, maybe he will leave us after he has gained strength, maybe the cook will serve him for dinner tomorrow, nobody knows.




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