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October 17, 2016

You are amazing


Participating on board Seapatron with the OCEANA team to study the biodiversity in the seabed of Lebanon is an enjoyable and exceptional experience. As a Lebanese PhD student co-managed by the National Centre for Marine Research (Batroun, Lebanon) and the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (France) on the topic: “Coastal ecosystems on the Lebanese coast: Evolution, Ecology and Conservation”; this mission enabled me to meet expert researchers in my field and explore this incredible universe: the universe of the marine bed of LEBANON.

A pleasant and unique atmosphere was felt on board, the team shared all sorts of activities and information. Seapatron was transformed into a centre of study and cooperation among researchers, technicians and engineers.

I was delighted to participate in this mission and with this very nice team. I must thank them for their warm welcome, their sense of humour and for all the information they shared. I must above all thank Ricardo AGUILAR for his kindness, his availability, the sharing of his knowledge and his invaluable help enabling us to better understand the sea bed. I would like to thank the ship’s chef for those delicious and always surprising dishes. I would like to thank Prof. BITAR Ghazi, with whom we spent some unforgettable times. And finally, I would like to thank Milad FAKHRI (director of the National Centre for Marine Research) for having allowed me to participate in this rare and unique excursion.

OCEANA continue, you are amazing. I hope to accompany you on other missions. THANK YOU.