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June 10, 2016

So far, so good

BY: Silvia García



Well, as today is a day in which we can’t go out to sea (for technical reasons, inevitable in this type of campaign), I’ll give you all a summary on where the campaign is at now.

We’re now a quarter way (exactly 23.8%) through our campaign here. And we can’t believe it. Some of the crew here have said it feels as if we’ve been on-board for a year now: 14 people living together, in what would be the equivalent of a small apartment, is never going to be easy. But to me it seems that we’ve only just got going. Of this two-year LIFE BAHAR oceanographic campaign, this is its second year and therefore it is vital that we complete each and every study, on the coastal and deep–sea area to gather as much data as we possibly can on the precious reefs, sea caves and sandbanks in these Maltese waters.

Until now we’ve done 25 dives with the ROV and 6 scuba dives and we’ve only been moored at port for 2 days out of 14 days, which hopefully means it’s going to be a promising and productive campaign.