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August 3, 2017

Shall we head back to the sea

BY: Jorge Candan



We’re moored in Eemshaven port in the Netherlands and we’re now past the halfway point in the expedition.

Throughout this time, we’ve been quite a few days without having seen land, right in the centre of the North Sea and SCUBA diving in some amazing places such as the Norwegian coast and in Scottish waters. Even though we have been enjoying being out at sea, it’s always nice to harbour and have some time off.

And what a harbour this was. A “perfect port”: More than enough power – a power plant welcomes us as we sail on the starboard side. And on the port side, there was coal and gas. To make up for that view, we could see a lot of wind farms on the horizon that are “a bit cleaner”.

Anyway, shall we head back to sea?