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September 8, 2008

September 8, 2008

BY: Marta Sales


©OCEANA/ Carlos Suárez


Here I am, on board the Marviva-Med traveling through and exploring the northern coast of Menorca, where I was born, the home of my best childhood memories and the main area of study for my doctoral thesis.

Apart from my scientific interest in the ocean, I have been collaborating for two years with the GOB in the Jo dic PIC campaign, which advocates Insular Coastal Planning. This planning consists of regulating the number and location of the moors there should be on the island of Menorca. This regulation should be preceded by studies on load capacities. We advocate this planning in order to avoid situations like the ones that are currently occurring. We are referring to the construction of new docks and placement of new mooring points around the island due to local interests and without taking into account the needs of an island the size of Menorca.

As GOB collaborator and citizen implicated in the conservation of the seabeds, my work on board the Marviva-Med consists of transmitting the information I have at my disposal to Oceana personnel concerning the conservation problems suffered by the island’s seabeds.

On board the ship, time seems to slow down and it doesn’t matter if it’s Tuesday or Saturday. A normal day on board consists of a dive with the ROV, which allows me to discover the seabeds I would otherwise never see, and a dive with the human team, in which I participate as a “native tour guide.”