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September 13, 2008

September 13, 2008


Today is the 13th. It’s neither Tuesday nor Friday, and I get this number that only substitute goalies wear proudly on their backs.

After an unsuccessful attempt to cross the canal that separates Menorca from Mallorca, due to the weather conditions, we anchor in Cap d´Artrutx, south-east of Menorca. We spend a calm night after a stormy day, and it is the beginning of these 24 hours that I must narrate.

The restful hours went by, without surprises. When the new day dawned, the 13th, reality presented us with a desolate panorama once again: the Menorca Canal was still impassable. And the ship remained where it was. As such, we have time to complete our tasks, each one according to his/her functions, and to begin planning others. We have to take advantage of this time and these circumstances.

After a day of trials with the ROV, at four in the afternoon, it’s time for the divers to get into the water. Thierry, Günther, Carlos and I prepare the equipment and cameras.

The zodiac’s in the water and Cesar takes us to the dive spot: the Cap d´Artrutx lighthouse, close to where we are anchored.

When we reached the dive spot, we noticed certain currents, the location favours these conditions. We dive into the water and observe that the rock falls, forming a vertical slope for approximately 10 meters. There are blocks, passageways between the rocks, some ledges and caves. The landscape is dominated by Posidonia oceanica and photophilic algae. “Tongues” of white, fine sand contrast beautifully with this underwater prairie.

There is an abundance of life here, more than other dive spots we’ve visited in Menorca.

We identified: amberjacks, salema, damselfish, perch, rainbow wrasse and seabreams.

In the darker areas, the rocks were “covered” in life. Sponges, bryozoans, algae, encrusting anemones and miriapora, always guarded by cardinalfish.

After a nice, peaceful dive, we return to the “mother ship.”

Once again, we get back to our routine tasks and the computers are working at full speed ahead in the “surveyor room.”

The day ends with the sun setting between the clouds behind the Cap d´Antrutx lighthouse, a beautiful post card to remind of us Menorca.

After dinner, we get together to watch a movie. But the real show begins outside. Nature begins an improvised “performance,” offering thunder, lightning and water from all directions.

This apocalyptic special effects show ended this 13th day of September.