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August 7, 2016

The Sea

BY: Juan Cuetos



Ever since I was small the sea has given me a feeling of serenity. From land I have often wondered what it is about the sea that gives me that sensation: the crystal-like flatness of a clam sea that reflects the sky above it just like a mirror or stormy weather days with powerful gusts of wind that thrust up waves as big as buildings. The oceans have always fascinated me in all its ways, shapes and sizes.

But when you experience the sea from a boat, it is very different – the sea doesn’t always behave itself and you are at its mercy. You realize how insignificant you are compared to the sea’s grandeur, even if you’re on a 50-metre long boat. Mountains of water come to up the deck, rocking the boat as if it were a rubber ducky.

Maybe it’s the sea’s way of protesting against the continual aggressions it suffers from mankind.