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May 7, 2013

The sea from the seat

BY: Oceana Web



Who doesn’t like film festivals? We’re such fans that we are bringing it to the next level and taking part in one! Last Saturday, the Maremostra Ocean International Film Festival launched in Spain and we have committed to taking part in a number of, what they’ve called scientific cafés.

Today, one of our marine scientists will join a round table about the worrying extent of plastic pollution in the ocean. Next Thursday, we’ll talk about how technology helps with studying the sea, on Friday the starring topic will be posidonia and we’ll close on Saturday with the eco-activist and top model Almudena Fernández, who will share her experience on board Oceana’s 2010 expedition to document the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

You know, we are not filmmakers, but since Oceana was established in Europe we prioritized collecting excellent images of everything that goes on beneath the sea surface. All our expeditions include underwater photographers, videographers or an ROV (underwater robot) –in most cases the three of them. This has enabled us to provide decision makers and media with direct evidence of damaging fishing gear, pollution and the destruction of the seabed. But at the same time we have been able to document the beauty of marine wildlife, and this is definitely a good way to remember what we are fighting for.

If you happen to be close to the festival venue, don’t miss the opportunity to listen to our experts. For those of you who can’t, we’ll do our best to give you the headlines via Twitter!