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July 31, 2016

From the sea into the mountains

BY: Jack Ravensberg



After many days at sea it’s nice to be back on land again.

Today is Sunday, you think to yourself: “that’s nice, a day of rest…”

But no. Instead of a lazy day we decided to go on a trip to see the most famous overhanging rock rising above the beautiful Lynsefjord.

The journey involved a ferry and a bus ride through the breathtaking Norwegian landscape and once we thought we arrived, we still needed a pretty difficult but beautiful 3.5 km hike to reach the rock in the pouring rain.

Unfortunately, when we finally arrived at the “most beautiful rock of Norway” it was hidden into the clouds.

Soaking wet we arrived at the bus, got back on the ferry and arrived still wet on board of the Neptune.

Time for a hot shower!