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June 22, 2013

Saturday 22 June 2013

BY: Claus Koch


© OCEANA / Carlos Minguell


In appreciation of the fabulous midsummer party last night, we spent the morning in Ullared, helping our Cowboy hosts setting up a fence, that later in the day would contain cattle…Swedish dairy cows, unaware they had been chosen to be rodeo cows for the weekend. Though somewhat out of our element, the fence went up, in best Spanish, Danish and Swedish cowboy-style…strictly supervised by a real Texan horseman!

From Ullared the convoy continued south east, crossing over to Simrishamn.

We left in pouring rain and arrived in sunshine to the east coast. The pick-up towing the Zodiac was struggling to get over the hills in southern Sweden. Not having had any issues like that before, this caused some concern, but close to our destination the problem was finally solved. We pulled over on an incline and drained over 200 liters of rainwater out of the boat…without the added weight of the rainwater, the pick-up and the trailer made the hills with no problem.

Simrishamn is one of the major fishing harbours in Sweden, also one of the biggest in the entire Baltic sea. Since we arrived on a Saturday, there wasn’t much action in the harbour. Lots of fishing boats were at the docks and they were quickly documented.

After a short drive from Simrishamn, we arrived to our campsite; our home for the next couple of nights.