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June 15, 2013

Saturday 15 June 2013

BY: Jesús Molino


© OCEANA / Carlos Minguell


After traveling to the diving spot and having a quick breakfast, we launched the zodiac into the water to start the day´s work. A bit later some tv reporters from the Danish tv2 came to make some shots and interview Christina and Xavier. With everything packed and ready in the zodiac, we headed to the dive spot located about 5 miles from the port. The ROV was launched into the water and the wind was blowing as the weather forecast predicted, raising from 12-25 knots in very short time. The waves made the ROV work harder and so, our way back to the port took us almost one hour instead of the 30 minutes taken when leaving the port.

After having lunch we put on our diving suits to return to war. This time the sea came across and both, the outward and return journeys, lasted one hour each. We arrived at the island and looked for shelter, it seems like it is us getting into the water to get a heavy storm coming. We will not actually have a bad time, but back in the zodiac, Reuben and Albert sure will. While diving, we can see the lightning through the water. Visibility is poor, it´s just a meter, but we can perfectly see the glare. An hour later we came out to the surface and wait for the boat to pick us up. The day is over. We just have to collect all the equipment, put the zodiac on the trailer, dry the suits, carry the bottles … Well, it seems that there are still a couple of hours for the day to finish …