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June 5, 2015

Sailing with dolphins

BY: Albert Ferrer




Right after breakfast, the Ranger engines begin to roar, indicating we are heading to a new spot; dolphins make a great morning company until we finally got to the point of immersion (in the channel´s area). Once our vessel´s gear stops, each crew member takes their position to launch the ROV into the water: checking the pole, taking care of the umbilical cable, confirming the system works, recording and confirming we are in the right spot. Once every operation is checked, the ROV is launched into the water; the descent begins and with it comes the surprise of discovering what we have under the hull at great depths: corals, sponges, stones, fish, squids, sharks, and unfortunately several fishing gears and litter. After two dives in the area, we head back to the harbour. But today’s work is not finished, we have to analyze all the data gathered, perform maintenance on the ROV and the boat so that we are prepared for the next day.

© OCEANA / Carlos Minguell