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September 6, 2007



Today we will stay at port in Rota. There is a windstorm in the Straits of Gibraltar, and we’ll have to wait for the weather to improve in order to cross over to the Balearic Islands. We must prepare the boat today and reorganise all the information we’ve obtained during the week, prepare the documents to send to Madrid and, in short, draw some conclusions.

The entire crew is surprised by what we saw in Huelva. Every day and at all times, we see how fishing activities are carried out illegally and with complete impunity. Trawlers, seiners, hydraulic dredgers or simply a conglomerate of nets identifiable only by the plastic water bottles floating on the surface of the ocean. The image of the gorgonians trapped in the trawling nets also remains in our minds. We know that the campaign does not end here for us.