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June 7, 2016

Reuniting with “the 8”

BY: Quique Río


*** Local Caption *** Ranger's deck with ROV's umbilical seen from the bow. Gozo, Malta. LIFE BaHAR Malta 2015 Expedition. June 2015. Cubierta del Ranger con umbilical de ROV vista desde proa. Gozo, Malta. Expedición LIFE BaHAR Malta 2015. Junio 2015


I had been missing something for over two years. When I counted I always missed out counting the number 8 as it had left me feeling empty inside.

I have to say that I quite like the way eight (ocho) sounds in Spanish and other words that rhyme with it. But when my friends from Oceana called me one day to ask if I wanted to go on the Ranger again and when I got back on to the deck and saw this yellow “eight” glowing at me, I thought, “there it is, that huge 8-shaped umbilical cord was what I was missing all along”.