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June 20, 2010

Repairs and samples

BY: Oceana Web



After a day in port for repairs, identification work, long talks and the opportunity for personal hygiene, we set sail on the Oceana Ranger. The waves make an appearance and there’s a breeze that, if we were in winter, would be very pleasant.

The weather makes the ROV uncooperative and the work is complicated. The breakfast I had three hours ago is not cooperating with the digestive process either. I take a pill and lie down, looking at a fixed point on the horizon. I think I’ve looked at the horizon more this morning than in a whole year in Madrid. Finally, my body decides that dieting is a good idea and I share some nutrients with the creatures of the sea.

The afternoon is much better and we spend time with a group of young and adult dolphins and lifting and lowering the ROV. We collect samples with another dredge, select tiny organisms as we brush the hair out of our faces, and send them to the microscope and photography department to have them immortalized. We’ll know more about them in the next few months.